Coach: Willie Hollis #13 - Position: Catcher

Willie was born and raised in Oakland, CA where he remains today with wife Leslie, a collie, and four cats.

He takes pride in being called “Dad” by his two children- daughter Bryn and son Danny; also “Pop” by granddaughters Ellie and Kate. Willie is a fan of the “Big Three” of the major sports, but became a baseball fan in 1958 when the Giants moved to San Francisco. From the sandlots of Oakland through college, baseball has been a true passion. Asked to join the original Renegades in 1999, Sunday softball has become a springtime habit. Willie, when not playing ball, enjoys photography, reading and doing artwork on his computer. #TeamWillie

Matt Basta  #36 - Right Center:

Matt grew up in Philadelphia, PA, and is the son of SoCal softball legend Nick Basta.  Matt was taught by his dad to play the game "the right way", focusing on all 5 tools (speed, power, contact, laser-rocket arm, and glove) plus a few extra tools that you'll have to tune in to find out about.  He has played on several "bro'd out" competitive softball teams around the country, but prefers the brotherhood formed by the Hustlers and the SFGSL.  Matt likes fine food, drink, and conversation.  He loves his job as a technician for a major European automotive company. - #TeamMatt

Mike Basta # 26 - Left Center:

Mike is a native of Philadelphia, PA, where sports are ingrained into the culture. He played competitive softball in Florida and Southern California before moving up to the Bay Area with his brother Matt in 2011 and subsequently joining the Hustlers. Off the diamond, he enjoys tennis, weightlifting, snowboarding, science fiction novels, and conversation lubed up with classy booze. His day job is recruiting, but his mind frequently strays from the candidate's past experience to visualizing the perfect cut fastball, or throwing out a runner tagging up from third with the game on the line.

Mike takes his jersey number and full-throttle playing style from his athletic inspiration, Phillies second baseman Chase Utley. Being a Renegade comes naturally.   #TeamMike

Tom Begani # 1 - Left Field:

Tom hails from the western suburbs of Chicago which is where he gets his mild mannered midwest attitude from. When he’s not playing softball Tom can be found dishing out fine cuisine in one of the many classy eateries in SF. The rest of his time is spent in the Outer Sunset with his lovely girlfriend Ashley and their cuddly companion Joey where they enjoy beach bonfires, getting dirty in the garden and watching Game of Thrones.      #TeamTom

Vince Dinicola #27 - Catcher:

Vince was born and raised in the bay area since 1989 (not Boston, England, New York, etc, despite what many assume). Raised in the suburbs of Fremont until finally moving to SF to attend classes at SFSU for a computer science degree. He first roomed with his high school friend Kevin Foley who would introduce him to Cody Greenly. It was his friendship with these two that would later introduce and invite him to the Hustlers and the SFGSL. Having never played competitive sports growing up, and breaking his collar bone and wrist while longboarding his first year in the SFGSL, he has a long way to go for his second season. Currently he works as a System Administrator in Silicon Valley. Besides catching for the Renegades, Vince is also an amateur photographer, musician and probably a bunch of other things he has tried his hand at over the years. He likes long walks on beaches that aren't Ocean Beach, and sunsets where you can actually see the sun. Despite this, he will always call SF his home.     #TeamVince

Daniel Estrada #25 - Shortstop:

Born and raised in San Francisco, Daniel celebrated his rookie year in the SFGSL by helping the SF Hustlers win it all in 2012. He also enjoys traveling and training for running events (Bay-to-Breakers and SF Half-Marathon) as well as completing obstacle courses (ToughMudder). Daniel's interests include movies, food, happy hours... and tolerates running.      #TeamDaniel

Kevin Foley #11 - Right Field:

Kevin was born outside of Philadelphia, raised as a Quaker on a ranchandis the youngest of 4 boys. Moved to Bay Area when he was 7 yrs old. Went to school in SF for Environmental Studies. Outside of softball Kevin enjoys going to live concerts, hiking and gardening. Kevin is the longest tenured player on this team.      #TeamKevin

Lewis Hardaway #9 - First Base, Outfield:

Born in Berkley, CA and raised in Richmond, CA. originally played for S.F. Renegades from 2008-2010. Really enjoyed playing for Jack “Irene” McGowan. This is Lewis’ first year playing with this group of Renegades. Outside of softball, Lewis enjoy’s cooking, reading, swimming, basketball, and MILFs. #TeamLewis

John Knowles #7 - 2nd Base:

John,  born in Florence, South Carolina, was the youngest of five children and the only boy. He was raised a mommas boy in Louisville, Kentucky.

He left Louisville for San Francisco in 1998 upon completing graduate school earning a masters degree in Social Work Administration from the Kent School of Social Work.

He has worked as assistant or program director in mental health crisis residential, community based Aids Hospice Care, and is currently the director of community and court based Forensic Mental Health programs that provides services to incarcerated or formerly incarcerated individuals with mental health conditions. The goal is to keep these individual's out of jail by providing and or coordinating community based services such as mental heath and substance mis-use residential treatment, psychiatry, nursing, housing, employment, and educational services.

Free time.... what is that? That is where sports comes into play. He is a loyal fan of the University of Louisville Men's College Basketball  program (2013 NCAA National Champions) the SF 49ers, the SF Giants (2012 MLB Champions) and tennis greats Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams . He enjoys walking on hot coals, skydiving, playing basketball, tennis and softball.  He plays in the local gay USTA tennis league playing in the combo double state districts in 2010and continues to play softball in the SF Gay Softball League  playing in the 2005 North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance Softball World Series In San Diego     #TeamJohnK

Manager: Norm Smith # 24 - First Base, EH:

Norm was born in Philadelphia, PA and migrated to SF with his mother in 1953. He attended St. Ignatius High and had the opportunity to play on the undefeated, number one ranked high school football team in the US in 1963-64. He did a tour of duty in Vietnam as Executive Officer for Quad 50 machineguns for the Americal Division. While in "Nam", earned two air medals (over 400 combat flying hours) while in LOH helicopters in 1969-70. One of only a few Army officers ever to log in that much time in the air. With the help of the G. I. Bill, he earned an MBA from Golden Gate University in the early 70s. In 1974,  he was recruited by Jack "Irene" Magowan ( founding father of the GSL) for the Pendulum Pirates and I has been happily here ever since. He was inducted into the SFGSL Hall of Fame in 2012.    #TeamNorm

John Steen #5 - Pitcher:

John hails from Quincy, MA and has lived in San Francisco for over 24 years. John has played in the SFGSL for 15 years and the SF Hustlers is his first winning team. When not playing softball, John enjoys playing poker with his bi-weekly group, working out at the gym, wine tasting, movies and local theatre. John is a long time bay area actor, performing in film, theatre and commercials.       #TeamJohnSteen       

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