Since November 2012 a local film crew has been following The SF Renegades softball team shooting a truly groundbreaking and cutting edge, unscripted doc series and film. The SF Renegades softball team is truly an eclectic group of men, formed in February 2012 and plays in the San Francisco Gay Softball League (SFGSL) is comprised of both gay and straight men.  After a successful 2012 season & 2 back-to-back championships, The SF Renegades will be moving up to play in the Upper C division for the 2013 season. The SFGSL was the first world-wide, organized gay sports league.

Thus far, this has all been done at a grass-roots level and a labour of love. Directed by Jaena Sta. Ana and produced by Donnie McCormick and their crew. 

Our Mission:

  1. Challenge the many stereotypes surrounding gay men in sports. Is there internalized homophobia with gay men?

  2. Challenge the stereotypes surrounding gay and straight athletes, demonstrating just how far the world has come in tearing down those walls.

  3. To show that gay and straight men can be friends on and off the field.

  4. Despite our sexualities, just how similar are we all?

  5. Explore the 70/30 rule for the Gay World Series. Is it reverse discrimination?

  6. History for the SFGSL and North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association (NAGAAA).

“This is a part of equality that I don’t think is discussed or ever thought was possible,” says Renegades pitcher John Steen, a longtime member of the SFGSL. “And we couldn’t be more excited to push the boundaries regarding gay men playing sports, being friends with straight guys and filming this show in San Francisco, which hasn’t seen a reality show since The Real World in 1994. This city epitomizes the very definition of the word family. It’s known around the world for celebrating diversity.”

The Renegades believe the timing of our project is perfect. There have been numerous professional athletes and coaches who have publicly expressed support for equality, including San Francisco 49ers head coach, Jim Harbaugh, who recently stated his team “’would be totally cool with it if one of the players were to come out of the locker, as it were.’” We’re hoping to show that there are no differences between any of us, in spite of sexual preferences.

Doc Series/Film:

The Renegades doc series will tell the story of this particular team, one of 70 within the SFGSL. Currently the only team within the SFGSL that has more straight men than gay. How do these gay and straight men compete together by confronting the many stereotypes surrounding gay men and sports. The Renegades will explore and answer questions:  “Does sexuality play a role in whether you’re more athletic than someone else? What happens when these men leave the field and how do their lives intertwine.

Can gay and straight men be friends off the field and have they ever been? Do they have similar interests? Are straight men really threatened that a gay man might “hit” on them?”

It will consist of documentary style interviews about the differences and likenesses of these men, on and off the field. Who are they, what are their feelings about gay men, about straight men? We’ll confront the “fears”, if any, that each may have and what are they? 

The Renegades will confront and challenge the 70/30 rule put into affect by NAGAAA to compete in the annual Gay Softball World Series and their feelings surrounding those decisions. Is it fair, is it reverse discrimination?

The Renegades will introduce and have a focus on their private lives at home with their boyfriends, girlfriends and wives.

The Renegades are planning on the documentary spinning off into a reality show, which will be pitched to major Hollywood networks. The Renegades envision their reality show doc series focusing on what happens when this team travels to different gay tournaments around the country, which are held all year round. The relationships between the gay and straight players off the field. Namely, when traveling to different tournament cities around the country andvsharing a house together. What happens in a house full of gay and straight men? What happens while on the road playing softball, away from home and everyday life? What fun or trouble will they get into?

Gay softball history:

The SFGSL was formed over 40 years ago by gay sports pioneer and icon, Jack “Irene” Mcgowan and it was the first organized gay sports organization in the world. The SFGSL has a long history and the many advancements over the years should be celebrated. The SFGSL is an inclusive group and open to all. There are many articles about Jack, including his obituary, on our website.

The national organization NAGAAA, was formed in 1977 and consists of over 700 teams in over 44 leagues with over 10,000 members, and holds an annual week long Gay Softball World Series, hosted by a different city each year. However, they have a rule that only allows each team 3 “straight players” if they’re competing in the World Series. This rule was challenged by a SF team in a 2008 court case and was settled in 2011, stating First Amendment Rights and NAGAAA  increased the “straight rule” from 2 to 3.

Therefore, The SF Renegades would not be able to compete in the Gay World Series.

About the Film Makers:

Director:  Jaena Sta. Ana takes the helm directing both the reality show doc series and documentary film.

She is a Bay Area filmmaker, producer and director, interested in uncommon stories told with originality. Jaena currently works for Lucasfilm Animation while freelancing as a producer of independent short films. Her directorial debut short, Catch the Clock, was an Official Selection at the New York City International Film Festival and the NYC Indie Fest. Jaena has a B.S. in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production and lives in San Francisco, California.

Producer:  Donnie McCormick is a San Francisco-based producer/director of narrative, documentary, and commercial content. He currently works as Associate Producer for L.inc Design, an award-winning motion, print, and graphic production company. Donnie recently co-produced the short narrative 'Catch the Clock' which screened at both the NYC International Film Festival 2012 and NYC IndieFest 2012. Along with producing and directing various short films through 2010 to 2012, Donnie served as the director of submissions for the 2nd Annual Virgins and Rejects Film Festival 2010.

His short 1920's period-piece thriller 'Lockwood', was recently screened at various film festivals in 2013 and 2013 including Film Fest Twain Harte where Donnie received the Best Emerging Director Award. He graduated in March of 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production from The Art Institute of California – San Francisco.

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